How to Pit and Peel an Avocado

Avocados are ripe when it feels slightly soft but not mushy when pressed. If it is not quite ripe when you bring it home and need it before it will ripen, put the avocado in a brown paper bag. This will help to ripen the avocado.

To peel an avocado cut lenghtwise to the pit with a sharp knife, slicing around the middle of the avocado. Hold the bottom firmly in one hand and twist with the other. The top half should come right off. Carefully with you knife, enbed your knife in the pit and give a little twist, and pull up the pit.

To remove avocado from pit you can use a large spoon to slide between the skin and the flesh and scoop out the flesh.

To make cubes, with your knife score several times across and lenghtwise depending how big you want your cubes. Use a large spoon to remove the avocado.