About Me


Hi I’m Mary Ellen, creator of Recipes Food and Cooking. I live outside of Tampa, FL. with Lola, my Yorkie Shiz Tzu mixed girl, (she kind of runs my house but don’t tell her that) Athena my 2 year old Staffordshire Terrier and KitKat my new rescue kitten.
I love being in my kitchen until it is time to do dishes. I love using fresh ingredients and shopping at the farmer’s market. I don’t use a lot of prepared foods but if I do it is because I like the product and the time it saves is worth it.
I am a true foodie, my life resolves around food. I love to cook for my family and friends. I cook what I like and don’t follow a lot of food trends. If it looks like something I’d like I might try it. I only share recipes that I really love.
What you’ll find on my blog
Simple, nutritious recipes that don’t break the bank.
Old favorite recipes, made new again!
Lots of baking recipes because I love to bake.
Great tasting food for those that are on a budget that can be made quickly without sacrificing flavor.

Have questions? Drop me an email!

Mary Ellen