Cheese Fondue
Recipe type: Fondue. Appetizers, Main
Prep time: 
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Serves: Serves 6
  • 2 cups Wisconsin Mexican shredded cheese
  • 1 cup Wiconsin Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/4 Wisconsin Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 heaping tablespoon flour
  • 1 cup white wine - I used Pinot Grigio
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/4 cup whipping cream
  1. Peel and smash the garlic. Rub it all over the bottom and sides of a heavy saucepan..
  2. Add 1 cup of white wine to the pan. Heat up but do not boil. A medium low temperature would be great.
  3. Sprinkle the flour over the shredded Mexican Cheese. Add the cheese a cup at a time. Stir or whisk constantly. It will take a little about 5 - 7 minutes to make this on the stove, Don't rush it!
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