Kamado Grill Bacon Brussels Sprouts
Recipe type: Kamado, Grilling, Vegetable
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Serves: Serves 4
Brussels Sprouts wrapped in bacon and cooked on a Kamado grill over direct low heat. These could also be made on a gas grill over indirect heat and finished over the flame to crisp up the bacon.
  • 26 - 30 brussels sprouts
  • 1 lb. thick cut bacon
  1. Remove the excess leaves from the brussels sprouts. Wash in cool water. Put on paper towel to remove excess water.
  2. Cut bacon in half.
  3. Wrap the bacon around the brussels sprouts and secure with a toothpick. It doesn't need to go all the way through.
  4. Have your Kamado grill at a steady 225 degrees. Place over direct heat. Cook for 30 minutes and check them. Rotate them several times during the cooking time. Mine took 1 hour 30 minutes to cook thru and crisp the bacon. If your fire is to hot them move them over off of the heat to cook until they are tender and then move them over the direct heat to crisp the bacon. I opened my lid the last 15 minutes of cooking time and watched them while turning them to crisp the bacon.
I didn't salt the brussels sprouts, there is enough salt in the bacon to season them.
You could also add BBQ sauce to these the last 5 minutes of cooking.
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